Looking for feedback on the new look

I just decided to go bigger with my writing. I’m planning on writing at least 3 or 4 times a week on here. My goal is to write on a consistent basis so I can begin working on a book. I’m not entirely sure what I’d like to write about. I’ve had some friends over the past two years suggest writing a book with them. The first book I wrote several chapters, but my co-author became too busy to continue. Which was fine, it was a great learning experience for me and I’d love to collaborate with her again. My more recent request hasn’t really gone anywhere beyond the first phase of planning, so I figure I might as well just try to come up with an idea on my own.

So, I’d like to get some feedback from all my loyal readers on a few things.

First, how’s the new layout and color scheme. I’m not really the best with design like this, so please provide some feedback!

Second, any topics you think I’d be able to provide insight into that you’d like to see me write about either in my blog or in a longer format of a book.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to engaging more on this new platform with you all.

3 thoughts on “Looking for feedback on the new look

  1. Don’t know too much about look (see also: all of my terribly designed sites), but I can say some stuff about names: you should come up with a name for your blog, probably something that doesn’t include your name. It’s a crappy process, but having something to point to afterward feels good. I have lots of resources for finding crazy words (see also: all of The Amp Hour titles) and think it could be good source material for the name of your site. Also, start categorizing your posts. When you go to write a book later, it’ll be helpful to be able to sort by the topic you’re writing about vs having to click on each post and see if it’s relevant. Tags are good for this too (seems like you’re already doing that)

    • Thanks for the advice dude. Basically, I transferred all my posts from Blogger to here and it put all my tags as categories, so I just spent a bulk of this morning addressing that. Hopefully that’ll be fixed. I’m thinking about changing the overall name of my blog. I switched it to Science, Technology and Culture, which I think represents what I write about much better, but I’m not sure if that’s a good name either.
      Thanks for the feedback!

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