Posting plan

I’ve been thinking about how I want to structure my blog moving forward. The full time I’ve been posting, I’ve written whatever has been popping up in the news and has been really dependent on how much time I was able to spend looking at the news and thinking about what’s been going on. I’m thinking of structuring my blog so that I’m writing something about different topics. This will allow me to collect more information over the period of a week or so for a topic rather than whatever came to mind. We’ll see how it works. This is what I’m thinking and I’d like some feedback on two things, first, is this a good idea. Second, if it is then do these topics seem interesting.

Monday: Healthcare
Tuesday: Security/Politics topics
Wednesday: Technology/Policy
Thursday: Science
Friday: Kickstarter/indiegogo technology/science or some other innovation topic
Saturday: generic current events
Sunday: Reader’s choice – follow up on a topic earlier in the week or something like that

Any feedback?